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Zooming with your feet

Or, composing with your feet.
Went out today with a friend of mine to an old haunt, Chisholm’s Mill, in Roslin Ontario.
We generally leave the cameras in the car and wander the area we are going to photograph; kind of a reconnaissance before we get rolling.
The sun was casting shadow where we didn’t want it, so we were considering leaving and coming back in an hour or two; however, we decided to walk up the road and across the bridge, just to see what we can see.
I’m glad we did, the walk afforded us a different angle neither one of us had considered before.

Wheelchair Rugby Tournament 2017

I was asked to come and document a fantastic showing of pure skill, athleticism, inclusion and heart pumping adrenaline .
Wheelchair Rugby once went by the name, “Murder Ball”; due to the quick pace and crashing of chairs, I can see how it got it’s name.
Held at Quinte Secondary School in Belleville Ontario, this, first of it’s kind for the area, tournament showcased the fact that the only disability is a bad attitude.
Athletes came from all over Ontario and Quebec for the two day tournament spanning the weekend of the 25-26th of March 2017.
Referees, time and scorekeeping was observed by officials from the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association,(



I’m quite excited that I am expecting a new addition to my family soon!

I have ordered the Sigma 85mm F1.4 ART lens, and should have it this coming week!

This lens is interesting in that it has, “Broke”, one of my favourite sites,; previously, their highest rating for a lens was 50, this new Sigma lens rates a 51.

Sample shots to follow!